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This privacy policy sets out how Peak Homes Yorkshire Ltd would use and protect personal information we hold for customers, clients and suppliers.


We are committed to protecting your privacy in line with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. This means personal information you give us will be used in line with this privacy policy.

Your information will not be sold, traded or given to a third party, except in instances when required to do so by the laws governing England and Wales.

We may collect, use, share, store and otherwise process your information to:

(a) check you are are a suitable client, customer or supplier and eligible to use our services, or provide yours to our company;

(b) check your and your Partners’ and Directors’, identity and business status;

(c) manage your use of our services, including processing payments you make to us or paid by us;

(d) make sure that our records are accurate

(e) develop and improve our services to you and other clients, customers and suppliers;

(f) respond to any questions you ask or complaints you may make;

(g) protect our interests, including finding you and recovering any debts you owe, processing and collecting charges.

We will keep your information private and confidential. However, we may share it, if required, with one of more of the following:

* Payment gateways, banks and other financial instruments used to make payments to us.

*Other competent authorities such as Trading Standards, National Crime Agency or the Police Service, if we have a duty to do so or if the law, public interest.

*Anyone we transfer information to or our rights and duties as a company, including another organisation as a result of any sale, restructure or merger of Peak Homes Yorkshire Ltd. This will be done only in instances where we are satisfied with your information for the same purposes for which you gave it to us originally.

Please note this privacy policy is subject to change from time to time. However, you can request the latest update of our privacy policy by sending a message through:

Terms and Conditions

A copy of our terms and conditions is available on request. You can contact us for a copy by making a request on our website: