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Myths about Sustainability and Business -dispel myths and learn the facts (Part 1)

Do you have no idea where to start when it comes to sustainability?

Sustainability’ is widely misunderstood!

Indeed, some may argue that business owners are more likely to believe ‘myths’ instead of making time to learn more FACTS about sustainability.

In a series of posts over the next few weeks (pre-Christmas and in early January 2023, the Sustainability Audit team at Peak Homes Yorkshire Ltd (PHYL) will highlight 12 myths about sustainability and business.

To help as part of our aim of providing easy-to-understand responses to questions about Sustainability and the relevance to SMEs, we will also share facts in our posts that will give SMEs relevant information about sustainability.

Maybe, this may become a ‘Reality Check’ that will help business owners improve their competitiveness, save money, retain talent and future-proof their business.

In this blog on our website, we share three of the 12 myths about sustainability and business, along with some facts to counter the myths.

Myth 1: Sustainability is for large businesses only
Sustainability is relevant to businesses that employ thousands of people and have revenues of tens of millions or even billions. Sustainability does not apply to micro businesses, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or businesses with sole traders.

FACT: Sustainability applies to ALL businesses, irrespective of size. Integrating sustainability in your business means you consider the planet (environment), people (social) and profits (economics or finance) in your day-to-day operations as well as longer-term plans.

Myth 2: Sustainability has ‘something’ to do with the environment, it’s not about businesses or people.

FACT: Sustainability for businesses will cover environmental (planet), social (people) and economic (profits) issues faced by a business. It may also address governance and impact investing. Therefore, sustainability is multi-prong, it’s multi-dimensional.

Myth 3: Sustainability means the same as carbon reduction, net zero and climate change

FACT: Sustainability is NOT a synonym for terms such as carbon reduction, net zero or climate change. Those terms are part of the environmental aspect (or pillar) of sustainability, but sustainability means much more than reducing your carbon footprint.

Have you been taken in before by any of these sustainability myths? Message us at: and share what may have led you to having a Reality Check and deciding to learn more about what sustainability means for your business.

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Get actionable changes to become more efficient and resilient in today’s ever-changing business environment along with changes in legislation affecting businesses and their suppliers.

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Three key pillars of sustainability – Social, Economic, and Environmental.
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A Sustainability Audit is great for your businesses if you –

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  • Don’t have the budget to hire someone to join your team to look after sustainability targets and environmental policies
  • Need to be as energy efficient as possible to survive the current climate
  • Care about the environmental impact your business is having on employees, customers, and your local community
  • Have heard about the ‘social value legislation’ but are unsure what it means for your business 
  • Want to prepare for upcoming changes to legislation and the low-carbon economy
  • Have concerns about risks to the supply chain and meeting changing standards
  • Are afraid of losing business because you cannot answer questions asked by clients
  • Want to attract and retain the best talent for your team

A Sustainability Audit is perfect for businesses from many industries, including –

  • engineering firms
  • marketing agencies
  • construction sector firms
  • accountants and practices
  • consultants and professional services firms
  • cleaning and facilities management companies
  • businesses in the supply chain of large corporations, local authorities
  • and many more….

How does the sustainability audit work?

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